ozfortress season 16

Open - Round #4

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obla Administrator, Retired League Director

Please organise this.

We can do Thurs, 8 or 9, Wed 9, or Tues 9, let me know whats good for u guys, Thurs 8 would be ideal for us, thanks.

Also, requesting a merc, Vanquish (our new pocket), we didn't manage to get the transfer done by Friday so we would like to merc him - https://warzone.ozfortress.com/users/284 / http://steamcommunity.com/id/vanquish25/

obla Administrator, Retired League Director

Status of this match?

thurs 9 would be good if u can do that
vanquish 2 good so no sorry

http://logs.tf/1491290 snake 4-0 to req
http://logs.tf/1491309 product 3-2 to lft
overall tie
gl in season