Season 20: Open

Grand Final: Starburst-6s vs Rise reborn

Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Sunday
Match Comms
Administrator, Retired League Director

Please organise this ASAP.

Can we play this next week since we just had our match and some of our players have assignments this week that need to be done?

Administrator, Retired League Director

No. Try to get this organised this week.

Can we do this Thursday or Friday? At 8 or 8:15?

Our players have exams on Wednesday so anything after that would be awesome and Much appreciated

Preferably Friday we all have exams this week any time Friday

We will work with you guys for Friday and time

Time agreed upon as Friday 9pm by both leaders. Extension was granted by Obla.

Process 1-0 to Starburst
Gullywash 6-1 to Starburst

Good season and ended the season with a good game.
Thanks to ozfortress, the admins, and all the other teams.

Administrator, Retired League Director

Congratulations to Starburst -6s for winning OZF 20 Open!