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Rise reborn
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Schedule suggestions (based on both team's shared availability): Sunday, Wednesday
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Wednesday @ 9 is good for us

Pureblue: We can play wednesday but 9 is a bit of a stretch for some of the team
Pureblue: could you do 8 or 8:30
mosy: its pretty much only 9
mosy: cause some people from work get back at like 850
mosy: 845
Pureblue: okay.


That's not confirmed my man, It is 2 late for most of the team who have commitments the next day and cant be up that late.

We can play at 8 on weekdays and 9 on Sunday.

Pureblue: okay.

when someone says "okay." it usually means yes, correct, etc... you also didnt say anything regarding a time after you said "okay." which lead me to assume that was a yes and if u werent ok with the time you would have replied saying it is too late

Thats why I'm telling you know after having talked to the rest of the team about their availability during the week and have let you know that we are unable to play at that time.
I've messaged you about when we are able to play.
We could make 8:30 on Wednesday but it'd have to be 8:30 on the dot.

So as far as we can play its 8 to 8:30 starts on a weekdays or 9 tomorrow. The rest is up 2 you.

we have already coordinated with you about the time of our playoffs match, you confirmed that Wednesday at 9 would work for you, we cannot do Sunday as already discussed with you and you came to the agreement: Wednesday at 9. it is frankly unreasonable to confirm a time and then try to change it last minute. your team already attempted to do this before with our last official against you, you cant expect to change the date when you have confirmed it with another team, as we have already discussed our team is unable to make any other time. if you are having issues with your roster we are completely fine with you getting a reasonable merc, i wish you the best of luck for wednesday and i hope you can get your full roster there for a good match :)

obla Retired League Director

I see this as a misunderstanding of the word 'okay'.

As it stands currently, the time is not set. I will be following this closely.

Confirmed tonight at 9


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