Season 19: Intermediate

#7: Salt Free Gaming. vs ironic wishi washi irish wristi watchi

Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Match Comms

When suits friends, keen to sort asap due to exams etc... :)

how about Wednesday at 8

We cant consistently make 8's sorry. Any chance of a 9? on Tues or Wed?

yeah 9 wed sounds fine

Rad, cya then :)

Administrator, Retired League Director

Tech forfeit FOR THE TIME BEING due to both game and voice servers crashing.

Administrator, Retired League Director

Technical forfeit given for this match due to the dropout of multiple players on both teams.

While this is the official and final outcome, a warning to ironic wishi washi irish wristi watchi that blanket statements denying mercenaries is not allowed i.e. 'no mercs'. Each mercenary must be considered by a case by case basis and in a timely manner, without any delays, especially when the match has not started after a significant amount of time. Furthermore, forfeits in difficult circumstances such as this match must be discussed and processed by an administrator and cannot be claimed outright.