Season 16: Intermediate

#3: Bleach Cocktails vs %teamname%

Match Comms

Tuesday or Wednesday 9?

Administrator, Retired League Director

Please organise this.

been trying to get in contact with their leader for a day, got completely ignored even though we're regular scrim partners. I guess that's how you guys do things?

Tuesday 9

See you Tuesday @ 9

Preferred merc denied for being better than their core so suggested lots of premiership gamers then complained to admins about "all mercs being denied". Bad sportsmanship by Left imo. Other than that was a good game gg

And that's another thing, not telling me that kaki was gonna be your new core and then complaining to admins that i was being unreasonable when he was literally the only merc suggested who was even in the ballpark of reasonable. If you'd told me that he was transferring into your team we wouldn't have had a problem with it, but he seems quite a bit better than your old core who I was using as a benchmark.

Hell, you didn't even tell me what class you wanted him to play.

There was terrible communication from you all week Left, I'm pretty disappointed, even more so given that we almost got forced to play against santa. I guess the next time I can't be bothered maincalling I can just ask to merc him and then follow your example of suggesting prem players until the admins deem that the other captain is "unreasonable" for denying lots of mercs, no matter how much better they are than everyone else in my team.