ozfortress Highlander Season 2

Premier - Round #5

Juice Box Gang
Home Team
Away Team
.Bakes Captain Retired League Admin
peep Captain
Miffy Captain
Rainy Highlander League Admin
Kai Highlander League Admin
heavenslept Retired League Admin
ms. pauling bong fiend Retired League Admin
Raina Sixes League Admin
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Schedule suggestions (based on both team's shared availability): Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
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heyo, can u guys do 9pm friday?

Kai Highlander League Admin lipSnoT

I'm going to be stuck in traffic and could only make a 9.30PM Friday and our team doesn't usually like super late games. Let me see if I can swap a shift and get back to you!

sorry for delayed response, but could maybe do 9.15pm friday as a compromise?

Kai Highlander League Admin lipSnoT

Oh shoot I forgot to ask about the swap. I don't want to keep you guys up late, I'll message someone now and see if we could come to an arrangement for the evening. Thank you for being so accommodating though!

official confirmed for 9pm tuesday

Kai Highlander League Admin lipSnoT

9PM Tuesday 🥳

core League Director

https://logs.tf/3300656 1-0 Juice Box Gang
https://logs.tf/3300660 3-0 peepoLean

Kai Highlander League Admin lipSnoT

Upward to Juche

Cascade 3-0 to PeepoL

Gg’s, ty for being incredibly easy to organize an official with <3

bird 🐤 Highlander Head Admin

Please note I have amended the scores, originally captured as 3-0 on upward and 1-0 on cascade.

ggs :D

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