Season 18: Intermediate

#2: Different Mentality vs The Prince of Pound

Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Match Comms

we prefer thursday at 8, other days at 8 also possible

Please organise this asap, let me know if there is any issues :)

tonight 8/9 preferred please

PRINCE ben £: But if u guys can't play tonight that means it gives cos time to recover and organise something later
we can do tues, wed, thurs or fri 8 or 9, just confirm here

mad: so whats ur decision
cos coa: thurs 8
cos coa: is that okay?
mad: yes

11:15 PM - cos coa: so wednesday at 8!
11:16 PM - me: kk

Time changed because of conflicting times of players

cos coa: And you can merc explode (

cos coa: Can we request to merc Pingu, he will be in our roster soon
mad: surfe
mad: sure

Reckoner: 5-0 Different Mentality
Process: 5-0 Different Mentality

Administrator, Retired League Director

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