ozfortress Sixes Season 16

Open - Round #2

Straight Outta Bandwidth
Home Team
Irrational Tendencies
Away Team
CC captain
banana captain
janga7 captain
samson Sixes League Administrator
Rei Sixes Restriction/s
Match Comms

Thrus at 8 preferable. can teus at 8 too

match agreed to be played on Thursday at 8pm.

Straight Outta Bandwidth have agreed to Irrational Tendencies using merc luggnuts

should be a good game, look forward too it

cp_process_final: straight outta bandwidth 5 - 0 irrational tendencies

cp_reckoner_b2a: straight outta bandwidth 4 - 3 irrational tendencies

server booked under name: banana

holy shit. reckoner was SO intense. thanks so much for the game guys