Season 18: Premier

#5: Salt Free Gaming. vs Mad Men

Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Match Comms

When suits friends? Keen to sort asap if possible.

Can do any day except for Monday

Rad, will get back to you asap.

Looks like Wednesday is the go, 8 looks like we are defs free, will double check 9.

We can do 8 or 9, so whatever suits you?

9 on Wed it is :)

hertz: Hey, wednesday is good for us, but im not sure if we can do 8
hertz: ill have to speak to lock about it
indoor kites and hot shame: 9 is fine dude
hertz: sweet
indoor kites and hot shame: no stress
indoor kites and hot shame: whatever suits you guys on wed is g with us
hertz: sweet
hertz: 9 it is
hertz: :)
indoor kites and hot shame: cya then

Gran 1-6 to Mad
Via 1-3 to Mad

Thanks for the games, gl in the rest of the season.

As a warning to Mad Men, the behaviour demonstrated in the match tonight was frankly disgusting and will not be tolerated moving forward.

For recent behaviours Moop & Hertz have received a 1 week ban and will be unable to participate in their Round 6 match. If either of these users are found to be playing, the match will result in a forfeit.

good game