Season 18: Premier

#2: Salt Free Gaming. vs xenophobiaphobia

Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Match Comms

focus york on mid

what days are good for you guys?

looking for wednesday at 9, talking to yauch on steam

Hello friends, sorry for the delay, im on night shift at the mo. Wed 9 is probably a no go sorry, 8 may be possible? Catfish is talking to everyone and should post today with what works for us. Any days you cant make?

100% nos are sat and friday, other days are a likely yes

hey guys our best day is monday, but we can also play wed/thurs but only at 8pm

trying to sort out a thursday at 8, will confirm after i ask everyone

thurs at 8 is good for us, if it is for you.

can you guys confirm tomorrow?

Yep, confirmed Thurs 8, apologies for the delay.

sage - Today at 4:29 PM
oh ye quids fine

we are mercing quid

Process 5-1 to xeno
Reckoner 5-0 to xeno

Thanks for the games guys, was lots of fun :)
Confirmed we merc'd quid

gg's friends super enjoyable