Season 18: Open

#1: iDeserve vs Winnie the Pooh Watersports

Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Tuesday, Thursday
Match Comms

Tuesday 8pm?


Tuesday 9pm.

confirming tuesday 9

Our demo is experiencing internet problems due to being in SA rolling blackouts for the heatwave. Requesting merc:
2345y (STEAM_0:0:58323360)

Our medic is experiencing parental problems ;D due to be 13. Requesting merc: climax^ STEAM_0:1:64180868

Allowing merc: 2345y

Medic merc approved blands 4-4 stale blands golden cap 1-0 pooh proc 5-0 pooh

ggs █▀█ █▄█ ▀█▀

Thank you for a smooth first round match :)