ozfortress Sixes Season 30

Open - Round #1

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Shigbeard Captain
Duckypus Captain
dott Captain
mobi Captain
klebs Captain
Shared Availability
Schedule suggestions (based on both team's shared availability): Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
Match Communications (Match Comms)

Hey, i'm still waiting on notice from one of my players but we should be able to do Wednesday or Thursday.

K my team can really only play Wednesday. Get back to me about the time when you can I guess.

I guess Wednesday will have to work for us. Can we aim for either 8:30 or 9pm? Two of our players wont be available before then. Preferebly 9

We def can't do 9. Most of my players have to be playing before 8:30.

We can't do any earlier than 8:30, our demo doesn't get home until late.

I can ask my team if we can do 8:30 but we would have to be really fast with the games

I'll try my hardest to make sure everybody is available to START at 8:30.

I'm still checking up on players for Wednesday. But, I can now do today 8 since one of my players can make it now

Bit too last minute, I can't get all my gamers together in under 3 hours and I'm sure two of them have plans. We'll keep gunning for Wednesday.

Also my PC isn't fully working yet, still putting it back together after some RAM died.


Forgot to ask this, since its kinda an unwritten rule that you have to ask to play on Qix, but do you mind if we use a Qixalite bookable server for our official? I'm on their patreon so I can get a premium server if need be.

Yeah all good dude. thought qix was the standard lol

Qix is the unofficial standard but the tournament rules state we gotta play on ozfort servers unless both teams agree otherwise. Me asking is really just me crossing 't's and dotting 'i's.

yeah ok

Granary 5-0 to Admin Abusers: https://logs.tf/2825173 https://demos.tf/571894
Process 5-0 to Admin Abusers: https://logs.tf/2825185 https://demos.tf/571899

That medic needs to do his homework. GG

gg dude. You guys played really well ;)

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