Season 16: Intermediate

#1: Sunday Roast 6s vs Pigeon Esports

Match Comms
Administrator, Retired League Director

Please organise this.

In talks atm

Retired League Administrator

I've tried adding both captains and communicating with team members from both teams. The match time will be set to Thursday at 8pm unless either team posts an alternative here or can come to an agreement for a different match time. If neither team speaks communicates here/on steam with me before thursday 8:15pm, a double forfeit will be recorded.

proposed Friday at 7pm aedt

FRIDAY 7pm confirmed, sorry for hassle guys.

Friday, 22 July 2016
3:17 PM - Zildjian please buy my shit: please confirm that I can use Quid on demo and who you're using
3:19 PM - Liam <333: yes quid
3:19 PM - Liam <333: probably will be feyn for us by the wya
3:19 PM - Liam <333: if not then it'll be xyphshot
3:19 PM - Liam <333: will get updates ina bit
3:20 PM - Zildjian please buy my shit: on roamer or scout?
3:21 PM - Liam <333: roamer
3:21 PM - Liam <333: scout would be unfair
3:22 PM - Zildjian please buy my shit: yea aiight you can use em

Agreed to one merc each.
Quid on demo for Sunday Roast
Xyph or Feyn on Roamer for Pigeon

Getting Feyn for roamer