Season 27: Main

#2: bruh moment vs Kapow Six (SIB)

Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Match Comms

Please organize this ASAP.

game is thursday 8

Brother BrendoYesterday at 7:12 PM
Yea we can do Thursday
Do you mind confirming it?
just jazzYesterday at 7:12 PM
Yeah ill post on warzone
Brother BrendoYesterday at 7:12 PM
Sorry for getting back to you so late
My team is all over the place atm...
just jazzYesterday at 7:13 PM
Nah all g mate i understand
Brother BrendoYesterday at 7:13 PM
Cheers bro

Vashta allowed merc med
just jazz today at wheneverpm
Hey mate. Sorry it took me a bit to get back to you. I deferred judgment to my team as theyre more knowledgeable about ozf players than I am. They have decided that Vashta is fine to merc but have unanimously denied maz
Brother BrendoToday at 2:38 PM
Brother BrendoToday at 3:04 PM
That’d a pretty unreasonable deny
Brother BrendoToday at 3:18 PM
He hasn’t played inter demo...
And he is still on my team...
He is just pending transfer....
Brother BrendoToday at 7:40 PM
You get server!
just jazzToday at 7:43 PM
whomst is mercing besides vashta
Brother BrendoToday at 7:54 PM
Uh just vashta
just jazzToday at 7:54 PM
connect; password idk;
whom demo then
Brother BrendoToday at 7:54 PM
My sub