Season 16: Intermediate

#8: Intoxicated vs Salt Free Gaming.

Match Comms

Hey guys, keen to sort this early, we would probably prefer later in the week. I have just messaged my team and shall message skaz asap.

I thought i posted in here early oh well, we were hoping to play friday as after talking about multiple dates it seems any other day would be difficult for both of us

Talked to Shrak, he is happy for Friday if both teams agree.
We would prefer 9pm if that suits?
Would also appreciate sorting picks and bands asap.

9 is all good

Administrator, Retired League Director

Map selection will be done in the game server chat prior to the game starting.

  1. The higher seeded or home team will either choose to ban first or defer.
  2. The first team (determined by the result of step one) will ban a map.
  3. The second team will ban a map.
  4. The first team will select a map from the remaining pool.
  5. The second team will select a map from the remaining pool.
  6. The first team will select the tiebreaker map from the remaining maps.

ggwp, goodluck in the gf :) itx wins 4-2 Reckoner itx wins 4-1 Via

gg guys good game
but where are scores?

also via was 3-1 not 3-1

*3-1 not 4-1

Correct. Still used to old via sorry.