Season 16: Intermediate

#6: Sunday Roast 6s vs Wombo_Combo

Match Comms

we organising on steam

Jona Vark: Sorry dude ive been snowed with uni basically any day that isnt wednesday is sweet but i know you guys play thurs so would that work for you?
Zildjian: Probably dude
Zildjian: I'll check
Zildjian: Seems like were good man
Jona Vark: beautifullllll
Jona Vark: 8?
Zildjian: 8pm aest?
Jona Vark: you betcha buddy pal

Thurs 8 :]

okay we changing this to 7 tomorrow thursday

Zildjian: bro
Zildjian: can you do 7?
yes we can