ozfortress Sixes Season 21

Open - Round #6

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That's getting Shadowplayed
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mure kong Captain
Tricka • Patron
Zenith Captain Retired League Director
Thermite Captain Retired League Admin
løef Captain
Halfwrong Captain
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Schedule suggestions (based on both team's shared availability): Sunday, Tuesday
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What day suites you guys best?

Confirmed Tuesday 8pm

obla Retired League Director

Friendly reminder that this is the last week for transfers this season. Get them in before Thursday 11:59 PM Sydney time THIS WEEK.

Zenith Captain Retired League Director TF2Frags.net

We played 4 rounds of Granary and then servers died.

Agreed to continue the match at 8:30 Thursday.

If it's agreeable with the other team we should start with mp_timelimit 8 (time left when the servers went haywire) on a new mid. The score at the time was 4-0 in our favor.

The game crashed 10 minutes into a round, as per what happened last time servers were crashing it's supposed to reset back to the start of the round, aka mp_timelimit 17.5

Game logs in question: http://logs.tf/1975621

Zenith Captain Retired League Director TF2Frags.net

Just checking with an admin about this brb

Zenith Captain Retired League Director TF2Frags.net

Just checked with admin, they say we play on from the same game state, which was us on your second with even ubers, 7:40 on the game clock. Will talk to you on the day to arrange the setup for that.



Fozzlm Retired League Admin & Media Coordinator

Just to clarify Kenneth's original comment in regards to contacting an admin, this was the chatlog between us held earlier today:

kenneth - Today at 11:51
Other team wants to reset round
throwing away 10 mins of gameplay

Fozzlm - Today at 11:51
At uni atm

kenneth - Today at 11:51
we were holding their second

Fozzlm - Today at 11:51
I'll deal with this in a few hours

kenneth - Today at 11:51
with full uber
yeah respond later all good

Fozzlm - Today at 11:51
cool cool

Fozzlm - Today at 15:36
okay so
how I see it, this situation is the same as changing servers mid-match
so in that scenario, you'd normally let one team cap mid/ 2nd
and then play on from there
so that's what should happen, if the other captain is still adamant
direct him to me and I'll make the official ruling

Fozzlm Retired League Admin & Media Coordinator

It is worth stating my final statement in regards to letting teams get control of points was somewhat misinterpreted due to it's open nature, and it was initially meant within the spirit of generosity/ sportsmanship & not a direct ozfortress rule. The match will simply be continued from the last log (i.e. only map timer & overall rounds won will be in effect).

Sorry about all the confusion folks, hopefully this gets resolved cleanly.


Zenith Captain Retired League Director TF2Frags.net

Sorry about the confusion, a new mid from 4-0 with 17.5 minutes left is fine by us.

Game has been agreed upon at 8:30 Thursday, starting at 17:30 remaining with 0-4

As per a discussion with kenneth most excess match comms have been edited out.

Game has been agreed to as a technical forfeit due to ongoing server problems till over an hour past time.

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