core League Director


What is the format of Experimental Cup 2?

See our Schedule & Format page for more info on that.

What is the maximum amount of players per team?

For Experimental Cup 2, there will be a limit of 10 players per team.

How do I get a bookable server?

See our Booking an server guide for more info.

How do I apply the Experimental Cup 2 config?

The aliases for the Experimental Cup 2 configs are your best and easiest option, but we've also included a more manual config exec command in case it's needed:

- rcon ec2
- rcon ozf-ec2

Manual Config Execs:
- rcon exec ozfortress_ec2_5cp

Anything I need to know about Match Scheduling?

All scheduling rules from our regular Sixes seasonal league still apply here, other than the playable match days as there are two matches per week for Experimental Cup 2. See our Schedule & Format page for more info.

How long can we pause for?

Pausing rules for this tournament are identical to our regular Sixes and Highlander seasonal leagues, you can find our pause rules (4.3. Pausing) here.

Are mercenaries allowed?

Yes. Mercenary rules for this tournament are identical to the Sixes mercenary rules and limits.

Will there be badges/medals?

Yes! We will be reusing the regular Sixes seasonal league badges/medals. Please be aware it may take longer than normal to receive these.