core League Director

Player Restrictions

There will be no transfers during Experimental Cup 2, so all Player Restrictions will be set at the beginning of the tournament during the seeding process. If you have any disputes with your restriction/s, please reach out to your division administrator immediately. Any significant delay in disputing your restrictions will see your restriction remain for the duration of the tournament.

This is a policy that will likely be adopted in Sixes Season 38/Highlander Season 5 and beyond, as we have seen repeat cases of individual players (and sometimes teams) not disputing their restrictions until days (sometimes even weeks) later.

Restrictions for this tournament will be relaxed compared to our seasonal leagues, however we will still restrict those who we think may need it.

Restricted Players

The following players are restricted either off of certain classes, or restricted to only certain classes.

Division 2
Division 3
Division 4
  • honk honk restricted off Scout & Soldier
  • Mikcow restricted off Scout
  • emgee restricted to Medic only
  • bill restricted off Scout & Sniper
Division 5
  • anna restricted off Demoman
  • jv restricted off Soldier
  • Sassy restricted off Soldier & Demoman