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What are good single player games that people have been enjoying?
I've loved the recent Wolfenstein games have been enjoying Polybridge and Fallout 2 so far

When I am alone I like to touch my pee pee, its pretty gud single player gamez

poor ronnie all alone

also fallout

darkest dungeon has probably been one of the best games that ive played in a good long time in terms of single player variety. The new dlc also adds more stuff to do with the game before you finish it completely with a very challenging & rewarding pseudo-endless mode that gets balanced every so-often so gaming the system isnt as easy.

although its pretty badly balanced in terms of what a single enemy can do to your 4 heroes it really rewards playing smart. there is a certain element of luck to it but composing your roster of various heroes instead of the ones who do the most damage makes the game simple.

another excellent single player game is Lisa, which tells a similar tale to children of men, except a female baby appears out of nowhere(instead of a pregnant person) & it's your quest to save her from the mounsterous world around you. its tough but fair and it really plays on the emotion of the players.

Darkwood worth doing a play