catfish Head of Anti-Cheat & Retired League Director

OZF 30 will feature a frag movie made by ozfortress admin Connor. If you have any frag clips from official matches be sure to submit them here! Submissions will close after all OZF 30 matches have been played (playoffs included). Please follow the following template when submitting in the comments below. Please note, your frag is more likely to be included in the final movie if you include both a POV demo and an STV demo.

Player Alias: [Your Alias Here]
Teams: [Your Team] vs [Enemy Team]
Bracket: [OZF30 Bracket (Premier/Intermediate/Main/Open)]
Round: [OZF30 Round]
Tick: [Tick Number just before occurrence of play]
What to look for: [Short description of play]
Demos: [Link to demo (mediafire, dropbox, mega, etc), POV + STV also appreciated]


Player Alias: jv
Teams: Meat Your Match vs Admin Abusers
Bracket: OZF30 (Open)
Round: OZF30 (Round 1)
Tick: 2214
What to look for: me jumping the scout on crate and getting an airshot

Player Alias: adam
Teams: fever kids vs the cum gambit
Bracket: Premier
Round: 1
Tick: 10000
What to look for: double middie

Player Alias: harris0n
Teams: Last & Found vs Play Footy MAATTEE??
Bracket: Main
Round: 2
Tick: 31500
What to look for: Medic Marketgarden

Player Alias: Enough With The Goddamn Tyres (soldier) and Pengstah (demo)
Teams: Last & Found vs Play Footy MAATTEE??
Bracket: Main
Round: 2
Tick: 34000 in the first POV, 24000 in the second and the STV.
What to look for: Triple airshot (soldier gets a double and demo finishes).
POV 1 -
POV 2 -

Player Alias: kva. nicholas isd
Teams: involuntary social distancers vs monkey soup
Bracket: inter
Round: 2
Tick: 47000~
What to look for: double airshot on fhrank on process second
Demos: player pov;

Player Alias: jason
Teams: funny team vs avo cados
Bracket: open
Round: 1
Tick: 119500
What to look for: high airshot

TheWiggin Retired League Admin

Player Alias: wiggin
Teams: Salt Free Gaming. vs BIG CHUNGUS GAMING.TV.AU
Bracket: Main
Round: 2
Tick: 18445
What to look for: ya boi performs a chessy demoman aerial bombing run on unsuspecting opposition militants during their lunch break, ends with a spicy 4k.
Demo Tick 18445: