Joined on Sun Aug 22 2021

Hi there,
The name's Dusk and I am an unapologetic Medic main. I'm relatively new to the competitive scene but looking to dip my toes in to gain experience, improve and have fun along the way :D

Seasons played:
OZF Season 32: Medic, South Asia (Open 7th, voted Most Improved Player)
CappingTV Summer Brawl 2022: Medic, South Asia (Open, 7th)
OZF Season 33: Medic, ALT F4 (Open 5th, voted Best Medic alongside yellow and sunfish)
OZF Ultiduo 16: Medic, Revan + Dusk (Div 2, 14th)
OZF Season 34: Medic, ALT F4 (Open TBD)


DuskDTN has played in 5 leagues:

ozfortress season 34
  • Joined ALT F4 in Open on Sun May 8 22:21:36 2022
Ultiduo 16
  • Joined Revan + Dusk in Division 2 on Fri Apr 22 17:07:35 2022
CappingTV Summer Brawl 2022
  • Joined South Asia in Open on Fri Jan 14 16:24:43 2022
ozfortress season 33
  • Joined ALT F4 in Open on Tue Jan 25 20:23:55 2022
ozfortress season 32
  • Joined South Asia in Open on Wed Oct 6 18:38:12 2021
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Congratulations to everyone this season, it was a lot of fun :D