Season 21: Premier

#6: KILLA BEEZ vs xeno

Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Match Comms

Can we look to do this on Sunday 9pm (March 4th)?

i guess not sunday????????? what days can you play?

Administrator, Retired League Director

Please organise this.

Hi guys. I'm organizing this now on behalf of Sean. We ideally wanted to play Sunday which is why we tried to organize so far in advance, however due to a lack of response from BEEZ that did not happen.

Our three days for this official are: Sunday (4th), Tuesday (6th), Wednesday (7th). Prefer 9pm but willing to be flexible. If BEEZ are not able to play on any of these days, we're also happy with an extension if permitted by admins.

yea sure an extension would be ideal. Dont know when to exactly since nobody is on right now but probably just sometime in the next few days after thurs.

We're happy to extend this with admin consent. If approved, I'll speak to my team to try and get the match organized as early as possible so it doesn't have any run-on consequences to the availability of teams for the round #7.

Administrator, Retired League Director

Each team is meant to be available for a minimum of three days per week. This way, out of the five days of the match week, there is at least one day of overlap.

Discussing privately with captains.

Administrator, Retired League Director

Friendly reminder that this is the last week for transfers this season. Get them in before Thursday 11:59 PM Sydney time THIS WEEK.

Locked in for 9pm Saturday 10th March.

Administrator, Retired League Director


We tried to play 9pm Saturday but had a variety of tech issues. On ozfort servers the BEEZ scouts couldn't connect. Qix servers were suffering from ping issues and DDOS attacks. Our private server we tried to play on got DDOS'd after one round of play.

We're going to try again Sunday 9pm (11th). 2-2 badlands with previous match attempt taken into account 1-0 to beez in golden cap 6-3 gran to beez

gg amazing game

great games, thanks for working through all the tech issues!