Season 16: Premier

#4: nature walk vs superhoe(s)

Match Comms

thursday 9 please and thank you (or ill tell people ur old alias)

we cant play thurs, tue and wed are the best for us

ill talk to my internet family about it. ill get bakc to u (not sure because most of us have shit on those days)


fuck dubious

idek, only ideal day we have is thurs; i have exams monday; tues and wed
so yehhhh

we will 100% be missing 2 people on thurs
so yehhhh

Its ok we allow mercs or subs we dont mind.

so wednesday is good 4 u?

I'll check with everyone for 9pm wed if thats ok. Will get back to u tomorrow.

Early warning, may need extension @admins

Negotiated to Wednesday 9
6:11 PM - quid: hello
6:11 PM - LaFLAME: helo its torque yes um is wed 9 okay 4 u
6:11 PM - quid: yeah

we forfeit gg

thanks for killing the team everyone

"everyone" considering everything ive heard is it was u and torque this is ironic

before we get booted from league i am attempting to look for 4 players in order to finish the season

thanks fellas :)

nature walk:
Administrator, Retired League Director

May be rescheduled.

we used lexx as a merc

i love videogame

nature walk:
Administrator, Retired League Director