ozfortress Sixes Season 20

Open - Semi-Final

back 2 the bones
Home Team
Rise reborn
Away Team
jane doe Captain
Shared Availability
Schedule suggestions (based on both team's shared availability): Monday
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thursday/tuesday 8:30 or 9 are our best options, we can't do monday and wednesday is very unlikely

Fozzlm Retired League Admin & Media Coordinator

Please take note of the updates to the whitelist: https://warzone.ozfortress.com/forums/threads/27

we cannot do tuesday or thursday we can only do monday and wednesday, however other team agrees for a friday night game just need approval from you fozzlm

We are still deciding once a day and time if we Doc Friday it'll have rivers be later Friday but we are looking for Saturday Fozzlm said should be all g just waiting on a reply from hipster.

Not once I meant "on a day and time"

obla Retired League Director

When is this to be played?

this will be played sunday, sorry for delays!!

Match confirmed Sunday night 8:15

gg, gl in finals

back 2 the bones wins sunshine 2-1: http://logs.tf/1868396#
rise reborn wins gullywash 5-0: http://logs.tf/1868407#
rise reborn wins snakewater: 4-2 http://logs.tf/1868426#

sorry for shit talk/bm, our team weren't very happy campers tonight :(

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