ozfortress Sixes Season 20

Open - Round #2

generated team name 101
Home Team
Bravura eSports
Away Team
fez Retired League Admin & Patron
Aurah Captain
Felix Captain
Shared Availability
Schedule suggestions (based on both team's shared availability): Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
Match Communications (Match Comms)

Mikcow: how does tomorrow @8 suit?
Mikcow: for official
Felix: most likely, we may have to go like 10 past but yeah
Mikcow: 8:10 then?
Felix: ill confirm later today
Mikcow: ok

vivi: okay
vivi: can we merc him
vivi: same deal about him to the roster
vivi: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198048497307/
Felix is now Away.
vivi: https://warzone.ozfortress.com/users/797
Felix is now Online.
Felix: no sorruy
vivi: whys that?
Felix is now Away.
vivi: Yo dude
vivi: pls go online
vivi: accept catfishs add btw
vivi: he is ozf admin
Felix is now Online.
vivi: explanation please towards denying merc
vivi: the second merc
vivi: connect; password "za7sBL6BT9VUqLDJ";
vivi: we got server
vivi: cause u guys lazy af
Felix: yea
Felix: just allow lmao

gud game, ty, was fun


I'll do the admins job for you, okay number 1. Please have and send the server to the other team by or before the organised match time, it's the homes team job to sort out server, we thought it would be better though for us to get it due to 2 mins after the organised time (not receiving any server details) to get the server and send it. 2. Please give an explanation towards denying mercs, I respect your reason to not allow razor to merc but just denying mercs to try and screw the other team over is pretty bm. 3. The home team is supposed to submit results after the official not the away team. All that put to aside, it was a fun match and would be fun to scrim you or see you in another official in the future. :)

what she said

catfish Head of Anti-Cheat & Retired League Director

In the future, both teams need to be more organised when setting match times and getting mercs. Bravura eSports need to prepare other mercs rather than relying on a merc who has prem experience getting allowed, as there is an almost certain chance that this player will get denied by the other team. It is also poor form attempting to get a player with premier experience to play against an inexperienced open team. Bravura also need to understand that sometimes life gets in the way, and they need to get over the minor, petty aspects of match organisation such as booking servers. As for generated team name 101, please communicate with the other team quickly and effectively when organising matches. Thank you.

relax buddy. razor is awaiting to be added on the official roster (same with cowz), we are planning on having him on our roster so it would thought to be more suited to get a merc from a player that is supposed to be on the roster, not just some random shmo that has played prem. dunno if you can call generated team name inexperienced they seemed to play very well (maybe it was just cause we didnt have a prem merc to carry :o). i dont think i need to discuss the last two sentences cause they seem to contradict. rip

why dont we just shake it off and agree that tomorrow is a new week (tfw you make no sense/contradict, is me ;-;)

if i had a dollar for everytime i responded to admins comments this season, well, id have two dollars right now :))

catfish Head of Anti-Cheat & Retired League Director

Razor was going to be class limited and you knew this, you 5 - 0'd the other team on both maps and all but one of their players has never played a season of OZF before, pretty sure that qualifies as being inexperienced and not knowing the scene. The last two sentences refer to your team's inability to let go of the little things, and the other team's need to communicate more when organising, two very separate things. Please try to act more mature in the future.

I don't agree with a numerous things you have said, but, I guess I can respect your own opinion.

You'd have 3 dollars now :D


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