ozfortress season 19

Open - Upper Page Playoffs

Home Team
talk smack get wacked
Away Team
OG MUDBONE captain
meow captain
woof captain
Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday
Match Comms
obla Administrator, Retired League Director

Please organise this.

8:03 pm - meowie: tues 8 then ?
8:21 pm - meowie is now Online.
8:26 pm - Defattt Bat Heavy: yeah

Confirmed Tuesday 8:15pm start

[9:40:23 AM] meowie: We have two players coming home at 8-8;15 on Tuesday - can we make it 8:15?
Mon Jul 10 2017
[3:06:58 PM] Wooblo the Walrus: k
[3:07:07 PM] Wooblo the Walrus: put it in match comms
meowie: Yep

obla Administrator, Retired League Director

Friendly reminder that this is to be played on or before Thursday the 13th. If there are any issues, talk to your bracket's administrator.

snake: http://logs.tf/1775874 -mort
process: http://logs.tf/1775894 -mort