ozfortress season 19

Intermediate - Round #3

Ripe Strategy
Home Team
Blackbird Sixes
Away Team
Bunneez captain
harvey captain
Delphinoid captain
Neo captain
apples captain
myri captain
tetrx captain
Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Match Comms
Bunneez captain +ripe

Hi, Thursday 9pm?

Bunneez captain +ripe

Wednesday 9pm is looking like the go.

waiting for confirmation.

Bunneez captain +ripe

Tuesday 9pm is looking like the go.

waiting for comfirmation.

Confirmed Tuesday 9

Bunneez captain +ripe

http://logs.tf/1743836 reckoner 4 - 2

http://logs.tf/1743816#76561198027730413 snakewater 5 - 0

ggs guys, good luck with rest of the season

Bunneez captain +ripe

Sorry I forgot to add, we merced iven.