Season 19: Intermediate

#2: doesn't matter vs back 2 the bones

Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Match Comms

we prefer thurs 8 but can do others at 8 if needed

would you be able to do 8:30 instead? our pocket doesnt finish work till 8 and we don't have a pocket sub at the moment

you cant do any other days at 8??

he works every weekday, is 8:30/9 not an option at all?

our med is nz and cant go late, worst case worst ill see if i can organise a sub but which day is preferred

thursday works best for us. our pocket and medic are both from nz so i feel your pain but i'd rather not play with a merc pocket if possible.

ok then thursday 8:30?

sounds good.

will need a merc tonight. our scout's net cut out and sub is already playing med.

Hipster agreed to let us merc gstar tonight