Season 16: Intermediate

#3: The Oceanic Six vs Salt Free Gaming.

Match Comms

Hello Friends, When suits you guys?

Administrator, Retired League Director

Please organise this.

Have been talking to stitch, at this stage we cant do monday or tues due to one player having his wisdom teeth out and another pre booked. Can do wed 8/9/10 or Thurs 9/10, waiting on a response.

Looking like thurs 8:30, shall confirm asap.

Mind if im late about 10 minutes then? I'm busy thursdays

We want to play 9 but stitch said that is to late and even 8:30 would be pushing it haha, the later the better for us :)

I'll try talking to him.. haha

Just want to notify everyone that theres been an accident and i may be abit late yet again.

Thanks for the game guys. Reckoner was a lot of fun :)

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