ozfortress Highlander Spring '23 (S5)

Open - Round #3

Shark Attack :3
Home Team
visuers FRANCAIS
Away Team
ash Captain
Shared Availability
Schedule suggestions (based on both team's shared availability): Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Match Communications (Match Comms)

Hi, our best days are looking like Friday-Saturday-Sunday, 8-9pm each day

What days/times suit you best?

Friday so far

Friday 9pm for the game then?

We need merc

Yeah that's fine, for what class and who did you have in mind? We're pretty flexible if its someone within the div.

Can we lock in a time please? Does friday 9pm work?


Checked and it works

Friday 9pm it is then!

Who were you planning to merc for soldier?

we'd like to merc eden on engineer is that ok? https://ozfortress.com/users/4265

accept this heavy first: https://ozfortress.com/users/3964

Can you accept this high ping soldier merc: https://ozfortress.com/users/3048

We will not be accepting any mercs from higher divs. Please find mercs that are playing in open currently.

enter image description here

bargaining for mercs is not permitted

Soz I didn't read that last sentence

soldier/scout/heavy merc: https://ozfortress.com/users/1275

enter image description here

jv most feared most hated for his precision tracking

Would you approve this merc: https://ozfortress.com/users/3988

I'm guessing you're requesting as a soldier merc, https://ozfortress.com/users/3988 approved to play soldier

do you need any other mercs?

And can we merc eden on engie?

No thanks that player has too high skill

Can you send another merc preferably in open and below where my team is in the standings, thanks

This guy on heavy, possibly engi: https://ozfortress.com/users/4825

Train smash approved engi only

https://ozfortress.com/users/4825 approved for heavy and engi

Hey can you guys send the SDR when you send the IP

We will be booking on rhizome which does not have SDR sorry

ok you need many advantages but at least merc this guy engi/heavy as the other guy cannot make: https://ozfortress.com/users/3115

yeah thats fine

merc this guy engi: https://ozfortress.com/users/4807 (joined team late for some reason)

yep thats fine

you can only have a max of 3 mercs at once for highlander btw

Who would this merc be replacing?

noone. We only have pastamania and shana since the NA guy went to bed

connect server.rhizome.tf:25515; password "qhMsaKTNXDw";

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  • Indication as to which team won what map.
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