ozfortress season 18

Premier - Round #6

Salt Free Gaming.
Home Team
Damage, Inc
Away Team
YAUCH Retired League Administrator
TheWiggin captain Administrator
jen captain
catfish captain Head Administrator
Halfwrong captain
Hawk League Administrator
durc captain
Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Match Comms
YAUCH Retired League Administrator Salt Free Gaming.

when aboots works for you guys

Wednesday at 9?

TheWiggin captain Administrator Salt Free Gaming.

Wed 9 sounds good at this stage, just waiting on one more to confirm :)

TheWiggin captain Administrator Salt Free Gaming.

5-0 Dmg Gully http://logs.tf/1676108#76561198005943577
5-0 Dmg Gran http://logs.tf/1676095#76561198005943577

Thanks for the game, gl with the rest of the season :)