Season 18: Premier

#4: Victory or Riot vs Salt Free Gaming.

Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Match Comms

prepare 2 die

i l o v e v i a d u c t

Hello Friends, when suits? Ill check our availability and let you know asap. Thurs is usually a no go though.

wed 9 is best for us

looking potentially groovy for wednesday 9 just waiting to confirm with everyone

confirmed for monday 9

confirmed for 9pm monday

6:00 PM - redcoatzygote: actually we can do tomorrow if that suits you
6:03 PM - catfish: would be sick
6:01 PM - redcoatzygote: 9 then?
6:03 PM - catfish: yeah sounds good
6:01 PM - redcoatzygote: cool
6:03 PM - catfish: see you then

copy that, over

We allow Sam the snake to merc and we are mercing paymh also.
5-0 to Victory Or Riot
3-0 to Victory Or Riot

ggs, shoutouts for the mass suicide

Apologies for all the confusion re times, had some stuff come up at work. So thanks for being considerate :)