ozfortress Sixes Season 32

High - Round #4

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fez Captain Retired League Admin & Patron
ms. pauling bong fiend Retired League Admin
batman vs t-rex Captain
  • cp_sunshine
    saturn beat ext!nct!on, 4 to 1
  • cp_reckoner_rc6
    saturn lost to ext!nct!on, 2 to 3
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    Schedule suggestions (based on both team's shared availability): Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
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    fez Captain Retired League Admin & Patron ext!nct!on

    Thursday 9

    first map 4-1 sunshine https://logs.tf/2535148#76561199014068868

    vi — 09/25/2020
    but i hate smokeyzeus’s even more
    bible — 09/25/2020
    vi — 09/25/2020
    [7:14 PM]
    Max is going to show up on the news
    “18 year old Max Smith has overdosed on multiple illicit substances and was found on Sunday morning in his local residence”

    map 2 3-2 reckoner fezs team LOL
    https://logs.tf/3062531#76561198065197486 normal
    https://logs.tf/3063336#76561198065197486 golden gap

    maximus — Today at 7:25 PM
    Way too much ketamine
    vi — Today at 7:25 PM
    typo built like this no cah
    typo — Today at 7:25 PM
    ozy12 — Today at 7:26 PM
    @maximus stop
    maximus — Today at 7:27 PM
    vi — Today at 8:01 PM
    connect; password d1f1332c; rcon_password 459ddb8c;
    maximus — Today at 9:03 PM
    My power is out

    ggs, they let us merc andrew (class restricted to medic (he played 0 seconds of scout))
    conflux denied
    rogue denied
    nubo denied

    i had fun, see you next season


    please ban max @samson @fez

    max is beautiful

    rip was meant to send on discord mb

    maximus — Today at 8:25 PM
    Way too much ketamine

    maximus — Today at 10:03 PM
    My power is out

    gg tho

    fez Captain Retired League Admin & Patron ext!nct!on

    gg, love u max <3

    Stop this max slander. Legit just wanted to attend movie night.

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