ozfortress Sixes Season 17

Open - Round #6

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Fozzlm Captain Retired League Admin & Media Coordinator
oxy Captain
Shared Availability
Schedule suggestions (based on both team's shared availability): Tuesday, Thursday
Match Communications (Match Comms)

Hey gamers,

Sunday 9 or tuesday 9 would be best for us. Looking to play this asap

5:42 PM - the salty bassoon: So set for tuesday 7:30 sydney time?
5:42 PM - Spooky (2): Yeah, 7:30 AEST sounds fine

Game set Tuesday 7:30

5:44 PM - the salty bassoon: Can we please do 8pm instead then
5:44 PM - Spooky (2): Because in brisbane time that's 7pm
5:44 PM - Spooky (2): Should be fine
5:44 PM - the salty bassoon: Ok
5:44 PM - the salty bassoon: So rescheduling it to 8pm
5:44 PM - Spooky (2): Thanks

Game Rescheduled to Tuesday 8pm

obla Retired League Director

Please confirm this is for the first or second week?

First week. Sorry obs

Hivemind are mercing Neo http://steamcommunity.com/id/Neofittythree/

We are fine with this

TheWiggin Retired League Admin

Due to the situation that unraveled during tonight's match, a FFW has been awarded to Krill Bill. If members of either team would like to discuss this with me please pm me in discord.

obla Retired League Director

I have reviewed the situation and the chat.

The rules allow for one active mercenary at any one time. This means that yes, mercenaries can be switched around, as shown in this situation. However, the usage of two active mercenaries are not permitted.

Hivemind's first active mercenary was unable to play, and hence, they tried to field another. This was denied by KRILL BILL and they have the right to do so. At such a point, Hivemind should continue looking for players as a replacement mercenary. However, they instead chose to argue over chat regarding the denial of AL†. Yes, sometimes situations arise last minute where people cannot play but the correct action should be being proactive and seeking another player.

Despite saying this, the communication between both teams was absolutely disgusting. Both parties communicated offensively which was way beyond what could be considered banter. This is more concerning than the failure to seek another mercenary. The bracket administrator, wiggin, politely asked for players to calm down from both parties but this request was ignored. Both captains of the match and other offending players should expect a chat from me in the near future.

The verdict of a FFW to KRILL BILL will stand.

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