ozfortress season 29

High - Round #5

Xbox 360 Voice Chat
Home Team
Homies with Extra Chromies
Away Team
tal captain
rintincan -pt captain
mix captain
ozy captain
Hawk League Administrator
Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday
Match Comms

Can you guys do tuesday ?

2:22 PM] tal: yo can we do official thursday instead
[2:23 PM] mix: thursday isn't great
[2:23 PM] mix: why can you guys not do tuesday?
[2:23 PM] tal: have to merc
[2:23 PM] tal: might end up needing two
[2:23 PM] mix: mm ok
[2:24 PM] mix: ill talk to my team

[11:14 AM] mix: hey so confirm thursday 9?
[12:14 PM] tal: yep