ozfortress season 16

Intermediate - Round #1

Salt Free Gaming.
Home Team
Away Team
catfish captain Head Administrator
jneb captain
jash captain
jen captain
morphe captain
TheWiggin captain Administrator
skaz captain League Administrator
Match Comms
TheWiggin captain Administrator Salt Free Gaming.

Playing tonight at ~9:30

1:54 PM - wiggin_noided: we should be able to make a 9:30
1:54 PM - wiggin_noided: give or take a few mins
1:54 PM - ITXhyperion: sure

TheWiggin captain Administrator Salt Free Gaming.

Intoxicated may need a merc med, assuming sea anarchy is unavailable (currently mia).
Verza has been offered: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198051317088 we are fine with this if anarchy cant make it but would prefer core v core if he is online.


skaz captain League Administrator Intoxicated

sea anarchy can now play

thanks for the game lads!
gl for rest of season :)