Season 17: Intermediate

#3: francis' classroom vs Requiem

Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Sunday, Tuesday
Match Comms

Please organise this.

Home team suggested Friday as best solution, however I have spoke with the admins and this will not be allowed,
Our team is available to play Mon @9, Tues @8/9 and Thurs @8/9, please let me know so we can arrange this, thanks.

we got stuff on mon tues & thurs night and they cant do wed so friday??

we are available wed 8/9 and maybe thursday but mon and tues isnt an option since me and the sub for me will be away

Confirmed for thurs 8?

Yep, all good

gg was fun
reckoner: 4-4 log:
golden cap: 1-0 francis classroom log:
snakewater: 5-0 francis classroom log: