ozfortress season 27

Open - Round #2

New Kids on the Block
Home Team
Team PhallanX
Away Team
Wirthy captain
Yric captain
Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Wednesday
Match Comms

South American team correct? If so can you please not request and outside Australian server, Wednesday 8pm?

Wednesday 8pm?

Please respond

Please respond and confirm or organise a date with us or forfeit!

our dates that suit us the best are Wednesday and Thursday.

Thermite League Administrator

Please confirm ASAP

PrestusHoodYesterday at 13:03 Hello
I am leader of Team PhallanX
I am trying to contact your team
We confirm wed 8 pm aestCan you send this to your leader?
GodLikePotatoYesterday at 13:05 Yea 1 sec
PrestusHoodYesterday at 13:05Ty
Can you guys get the server ?
For our match

seems like its confirmed for 8 AEDT Wednesday.

PrestusHoodToday at 4:15 PM
phallanx leader here
tell your leader we forfeit the match
we only have 3 players available

jarry from waggaToday at 4:18 PM
just forfeit on warzone
you dont need to tell us
PrestusHoodToday at 4:18 PM
csnt log in
thata the problem
no access to steam guard
jarry from waggaToday at 4:22 PM
we cant forfeit for you.