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#3: 2-19 and the pencil jumpers vs Intoxicated

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when do we get to not lose


i havn't talked to team but sunday or 10pm on weekdays r good

Japan is a sea of ​​the island volcano is filled, it is beautiful! In -1000000000 this year, Japan might not be here. In the year -40 000, it was here, you are to be able to walk in it, some people walked on it. And, it became warm, it melts some of the iceberg, and it became in the island, there are now trees a lot! (Because it is warm.)
So now, there are people who live on the island. They are basically, eat a sort of tree off the nut, using the latest techology, such as stone and bowl, threshold has been hanging around that over the mountain. Ding Dong! When it's the outside world, they have the future of technology, such as a really good metal and madness of rice farmers. Well, you really can make a lot of rice immediately. It is if you own a farm, you everyone it so means that you own a lot of the food is what you need to survive you will be king. Across the rice and rice kingdom of the land, and here to spread all the way. The most important of the Kingdom here and here, here, here, here, here, but have been here, this is governed by the "heaven superperson" or for short, "Emperor", it was the most most important. Concon. Get the door, it is a religion. The new prince is everyone wants to try this hot new religion from Baekje. "Please try to this religion." He said. "No," everyone said. "Please try it!" He said. "No," everyone is, again, I told this time quietly. So, religion is put in place, all of the rules, was attached to it.
After that, the government, was taken over by another faction, such as they dominated the more, make more, a government to dominate the Chinese government, to make government, such as the Chinese government than the government as , I gave some of the reform. "Hey, stupid." China said. "Can you call me something other than dumb?" Japan said. "What?" China said. "How about sunrise of the land?" The Japanese said. And they stole the alphabet of China, to wrote a book about myself, then, they've made a lot of another book about poetry and art and myself.
After that, they are in the right here and died emperor in the capital, for a while, to stop the move every time keeping it in one place, they eventually conquered the north. It will square get away. Rich hipster named Kukai, is bored with modern Buddhism, visited China to learn a better version than is more mental, come back, revamped the alphabet, art and literature is long great it becomes a cause for the sake of time, the Royal Palace, the world that they do not really not give a shit about the execution of the country is in such a dream of art. You are in it if you live outside of the palace, how do you supposed to protect your shit from criminals? Hire samurai! Everyone has started hire a samurai.
Correction: rich, important people are hired samurai. Poor people could not afford to hire a samurai did not hire a samurai.
Samurai, it became so powerful than organized and powerful government, here, has created its own military regime. They are, the emperor is assumed to be still "emperor", generals, there are actually in control. Breaking News: Mongolia has been invaded China. "We've been invaded China." Mongolian told. "Do you respect us, please will invade you as well as we." "Yes." Japan said. So Mongolians, ready for came war, and died in the tornado, but they've had a fight a nice time with Japan and tried again, was subsequently killed in a tornado. After that, then Emperor shogunate, after overthrew him back shogunate, moved to Kyoto, it performs a new shogunate, when the emperor is still wants him, it is possible to dress like okay emperor can we overturned it. Now that so much color, co-of poetry, theater, monkey fun, tea, gardening, architecture, there are a lot of art from the picturesque with flowers ...
Because it is Who "it's time for going to the next Shogun?" Usually, it's the children of the generals, he is his brother, quit monk, to try to get to be the next Shogun, Shogun I do not have a child. He says "okay," but, then Shogun has a child. So now, someone it would become? Now vote for your mobile phone! Everyone Palace is caught in the fire, was hard to vote to be burned down. Generals, did not care actually. He was somewhere in the poem off. And the entire country was shattered broken. Everyone is fighting with each other for the sake of regional power, it is anyone's game.
Concon. It is Europe. No, they are not here to take over. They are just want to sell some of the shit, such as watches and guns and Jesus.
So, it's cool, everyone also had a gun now, fighting each other for control! And now who is the doll If you do not control them, or would not it nice to control the capital? Although this family is ready to make a run for it, first, they are a way, you need to trample on this small clan. surprise! If the win is small clan leader of the clan, steal the idea to invade the capital, it fits very well.
Kill someone who works for him is his, then, kill someone else to work for him have them, when the man has completed conquer Japan, he is about the middle conquer Japan! And he confiscated everyone's sword, I made some rules. "And now, I'm going to invade South Korea, and hopefully China.," He said, failed and also died. But before he died, he is to take care of his five-year-old son for up to old enough to be the next ruler of Japan, spoke of these five people. And, five people, "Yeah, right. It is, we will be one of it's gonna us because it is an adult. This is not going to a child", it probably is a powerful and richer than the way than others I'm going to be this guy who happens to be. Many of the people who told you to support him, but it supports a lot of people do not support him. He and they have a fight, and to win in Edo, to start the new government in the right here, he is still you can be the emperor of dress, such as the emperor, have something very nice there, but please do not get confused. This is a new government, they are very tough. So strict, they have closed the country. Who can not leave, but they want to buy and sell a shit, If they have to do it right here, No-1 can not come in with the exception of the Netherlands.
Now, that the whole country was not a war with themselves, it has increased many population. Business has increased. School was built. The road was built. Everyone learned to read. Book has been published. Poetry, drama, sexy times, there is a puppet show and the Netherlands of the research. People, they began to study the science of Europe from the book that was purchased from the Netherlands. We, geography, skeleton, physics, we talk about chemistry, astronomy and maybe electricity.
Over time, the economy, the prosperity of the culture was gradually beginning to show knock knock do--. This is the United States of it and the huge ship with a gun (gunboat). "Opening the country. Stop it has been closed." The United States said. They are the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia is that it has signed an agreement that allows you to visit any time they want in Japan, can not do anything, there was no really.
Choshu Metropolitan Satsuma hated this. "It sucks!" They said. "This is you !! sucks" to borrow a little very little outside help, they made a somehow again emperor emperor overthrew the shogunate, they are "east of the capital" has been moved him to Edo renamed. They made a new government of many more of the West. They made a very new Constitution was pretty western part was military and the West.
And, do you know what else in the West? exactly! It is a conquest things! So what you will be able to conquer what? Korea! They its previous owner, taking it from China, from the conquered South Korea, to rush in out of nowhere is Russian and a little further to go, go to "Stop, no, you can not take it . we are gonna have to build a railway to here. try, you can get some of the warm water. "and, Russia is a shit ton supervision of their railway soldiers, to build, and then, the railway when it was done, they are downgraded to fuck tons. I was saying the downgrade? I was meaning the upgrade. And, Japan says, "Do you can probably cold?" And, Russia says, "Maybe what about you cold?" Japan is a little scary of Russia. In addition, to guess a little scary people of Russia'll never: Great Britain. Because they can be a little scary fewer adapted for Russia, so Japan and the UK will create an alliance together. With confidence, Japan and a little go to war with Russia, to stop both of them bored.
It's time for the First World War! It's has been crazy 1900s and weapons, because all of these empires are excited to try them out to each other, the world is trying to have a war. On the other hand, Japan is enjoying something of conquest, which is more hope, those of the next on the list is a lot this part of China and small islands, all because that shit is just the United Kingdom was the Belgium and friends , war belongs to Germany, which had declared it by England, France and someone is actually from Serbia, because shot the leader of the ER (Austria ass, Austria is ready to kick the ass of Serbia order to have, because it is a friend with Russia was ready to kick the ass of Austria, shot him in the head, which had been invaded by Germany in order to get to France to kick the ass of France), because you know what it means, the UK is now friends with Japan. Aw! The island of Japan is that they wanted to do anyway, you need so to take, they have their kind is referred to as the United Kingdom to Terry, as you know, to they did it, they also are a number It helped around the United Kingdom in the Toka Kano errands. Ring Ring! Now, the war, Japan and is Congratulations! You they are to get what sitting at the table of the owner a big man who decided to negotiation of Jesus is, technically fought in the war, Japan will maintain all of the shit that they stole from Germany you get to! Also, ask to participate in the United Nations after the war mega alliance The League! (The mission statement, we try not to take over the world)
"Depression is poor, Japan economy is crappy now, the military is doing well, it is Manchuria and the League of Nations if to you is the League of Nations, No, does not it," is invaded something like, you re not meant to take over the world! "Japan" I was planning to anyway if invaded more and lot of more I was Japanese in China said that if do I do? "I, to penetrate to the east of the whole to have been planned.
You've got mail! This is Germany, from the new leader of Germany. He has a cool mustache, and are trying to take over the world needs a friend. This is also, was Mashi transfer to Italy. Because they had so much in common all, they've decided to be in all of your friends.
This is the time for the Second World War! Germany, happened neighbor then that they are the United Kingdom, the neighbors of neighbors of neighbors of neighbors, after the said invasion, the neighbors of the intrusion "holy shit!" And the United States, began to support the United Kingdom because they're good friends , their friends and our friends are not friends plus, so they are planning to invade the whole of the sea, I began not help Japan. The United States also, just to be sure, so far larger than the other bombs, large-scale, but are working on a very large bomb, they do not yet participate in the war. War is really the United States and look bad on TV are beginning to worry about his image, then, Japan will challenge them to war and spit them in Hawaii, and they say so! And, Germany, as a friendship symbol, also, we declare a war with the United States. So, the United States went to war in Europe, it seems, whether they operate drop it, help they are chasing Germany to Germany back the gang, and they back again begins chasing the Japan in Japan, they are interested to see that it has not yet use the bomb on Japan. They are, in fact we dropped two.
The United States has set up just the right raw materials and the new government, which was inspired by the US government for the miracle of the post-war economy, Japan is to allow them quickly, and start making TV, video deck, a car or a video camera, Moreover, it is other good guys than. They are, the rich and the economy is now in the wild, then, but a miracle expires, all is still pretty cool guess I. goodbye!

we have organised sunday at 8 30

gg ty for game