Season 27: Main

#1: chiken vs bruh moment

Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Match Comms

fingerinthebum_Last Sunday at 5:01 PM
that's all gooood
what days can you do

just jazzLast Sunday at 6:20 PM
wed is preferred

fingerinthebum_Last Sunday at 8:24 PM
my dumbass team isn't replying
so i'm just gonna say wed is fine

just jazzLast Sunday at 8:50 PM
no worries lol
Lmk if they need to change

fingerinthebum_Last Sunday at 8:50 PM
February 4, 2020

just jazzToday at 4:02 PM
hmm 8 or 9 on wed
soz forgot to ask

fingerinthebum_Today at 4:39 PM
either is fine
prob 9

just jazzToday at 4:39 PM
yeah would pref 9 so we can have a warmup

fingerinthebum_Today at 4:39 PM
ya us too

just jazzToday at 4:40 PM
ez 9 it is

fingerinthebum_Today at 4:40 PM

elizabethToday at 8:10 PM
can anyone med tonight
@king of the jazz autists can we merc para
It's a bird! It's a plane! Nevermind, it's just para.Today at 8:12 PM

elizabethToday at 8:12 PM
for med

king of the jazz autistsToday at 8:46 PM
yeah no worries @elizabeth

gg!! ty u too :)