Season 17: Intermediate

#2: Salt Free Gaming. vs Waka Flocka Flame Fans

Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Match Comms

Hello Friends, when suits? usually early in the week is good for us?

Yo, might be looking at a Sunday or a Friday possibly, i have a film shoot all week and some players may be away

We probably wont have a core team this Sunday, but should be good for mon/tues/wed? And we cant make Fridays in most cases sorry.

Our scout will be away 3rd-13th i have a film shoot all week and am unsure of my schedule, this just popped up, If we play in the week it'll be 2 down for us, and Rane can't do Monday either

Talked to Liam on Discord, he is going to let me know what their next best option is asap.

7:35 PM - Liam #LF scrims: Go 8:30 tomorrow
7:35 PM - Liam #LF scrims: I'll be exhausted but hopefully might have enough in me
10:08 PM - Liam #LF scrims is now Online.
10:17 PM - ozfortress wiggin.sf: Rad, thanks dude

Reckoner 4-0 to Salt Free
Process 4-2 to Salt Free
Booked under wiggin

GG, thanks for the game.

confirmed scores