Season 26: Open

#4: briminal misbonduct vs bruh moment

Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
Match Comms

8pm Wednesday, via discord

just jazzYesterday at 12:35 PM
We’re playing y’all this week

wynt.Yesterday at 12:42 PM
I'll ask the team, assuming 8pm ye?

just jazzYesterday at 1:30 PM
ya son

just jazzToday at 1:11 PM
Any response?

wynt.Today at 1:37 PM
Still waiting on everyone to reply hold on bud

just jazzToday at 1:37 PM
No worries! Just checking :slight_smile:

wynt.Today at 7:02 PM
that's a roger on 8pm

confirmed for 8 wednesday

hey good luck for wednesday, its gonna be an awesome game!

GG's Close Games all around! - Logjam 3-1 bruh moment - Process 4-3 bruh moment