ozfortress Sixes Season 25

Intermediate - Round #2

bra boys
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BOT Inc.
Away Team
tokahontas Captain
cuin lumby Captain
bird 🐤 Retired Highlander Head Admin
  • cp_snakewater_final1
    bra boys lost to BOT Inc., 0 to 5
  • koth_product_rcx
    bra boys beat BOT Inc., 3 to 1
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    Schedule suggestions (based on both team's shared availability): Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
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    what day suits

    tues wed thurs, can basically only do 9s tho

    yikes. il get back to you

    can prob do 8:30 if you really cant do 9

    hey il get back to u ASAP

    we can do tuesday 8 ?

    we can only do 9s or 8:30 is pushing it, thought i made that clear lol. wednesday 9 is good? or thursday

    also can we merc crybaby on medic? as our current subs dont have exp on med

    yep and mercing inc and takeyon ( approved by tokahontas )

    were mercing monty wigglesworth (approved by auz) official confirmed for wednesday 8:30

    good game thanks for not letting us merc myyyst on medic therefor making us lose product / well played <3


    Good Game thanks for being extremely dishonest by not saying your mercs background history (saying banana had 1 season of roster riding) also not being happy that we allowed inc + another merc. You seem like a really nice captain! sorry you werent able to organize 4 players?? Guess its our bad,,,, i only allowed 2 mercs not 4 sorry our bad. Guess its our fault that you used both pauses and expected us to stop and allow a random merc mid game.

    Really good sportsmanship going on here keep it up!

    us winning the first round when your med had no ping problems didnt matter anyway youre obv right that it cost you the game.

    LMAO u didn’t allow 2 mercs I told u Takeyon couldn’t play and I consulted you for others and you said can’t talk at work go talk to rat soup my co captain so I went and he ended up denying 14 mercs in the space of 3 hours

    We didn’t have to stop the game to get him he would of joined straight up and Benjamin started lagging since the start it’s pre obvious we would of win from snake and the fact that we shaved off more than 2:30 every round even with out a med

    But hey “go get munch as a sub” when I literally told u he couldn’t play and he said it himself and I showed ratsoup the screen shots and he said guess what “fake logs”

    You guys ratted ur self a win but congratulations on it I’m sure ur gonna do great in the season

    Right so me allowing takyon doesnt count? you didnt know his official was at the same time, thats poor organizing on your part. You hit us up a couple of hours before the official saying you need someone else and only asked for high inter/prem players (lexx, myst etc) its not our problem if you cant organize a roster especially with so little time. I denied inc and then out of kindness allowed you to have him since "hes our last resort". Also it just "happens" that your sub is available to play after you ask for "14" mercs. seems pretty fishy

    OUR sub was a last second resort and we still needed one for our med

    He said fake logs because you changed what i had written and sent a copy to him. also munch was in mge during the time of the official, sorry for assuming someone on your roster could play. I really dont get why you cant just accept that your poor organizing lost you that game. also you cant judge how any game will go by a map, you guys went to golden cap against the last team with your full roster. winning one does not mean winning all

    And he did lag out from the first round from watching the demo so yeh nice on

    Do u want me to ss what munch said I have proof of him saying I can’t play

    Only way we would know who would win is doing a rematch but I think all of ozf knows u won’t do it cause you want ur slimy win

    If you had used a pause to ask for mercs we may have been more inclined to give you one, But you didnt. also myst couldve just played scout? theres nothing stopping him. its pretty pathetic youre making out like were the bad guys when we allowed mercs in the first place. I was told by multiple people including admins that we shouldnt let inc but did anyway. thanks for being a baby

    If i wanted a slimy win i wouldnt have allowed you to get your other players, i dont get how you dont see that

    You denied myyyst wdym ? We asked for myyyst and u denied him

    Again we would do a rematch but we know u won’t do it

    really pathetic , arent you "reformed" lol what a joke. we just play for fun.its not our fault you tried to get a slimy win through getting top 2 prem asia mercs and saying "hes only played 1 season" real nice dude

    He plays roamer in afc ? And is playing scout for us

    we denied him because there was about 5 mins left, he can play anything, you had used 2 pauses, you are pretty obnoxious and dishonest. do i need more reasons? and i dont wanna rematch you because i literally dont wanna vs your team ever again lol

    Denied 12+ mercs btw but hey “we don’t want a slimy win”

    I lost half my roster therefore its the other teams fault for not allowing every single merc i ask for

    Yeh we know u won’t rematch us we all know why

    accepted 2 mercs, auz didnt check when their officials were at all. expects us to allow lexx 2 hours before the official

    U denied him for no REASONING LMAO that’s the funniest part enjoy the slimy win on product but snake water says it all doesn’t it

    yeah nice one dude we really need to prove were better!!! omg!!! maybe learn how to organize a team before you start making out its our fault

    And stop bringing up just lexx I have u 11 other appropriate options ur just trying to make it sound like I’m requesting Top Prem mercsn

    wdym no reasoning, hes high inter? hes allowed to play whatever he wants when we merc him

    We are high inter what’s ur point ?

    i think lexx is above your skill level for sure along with most other people you offered

    thats a reason to deny anyway

    Snake water says it all buddy it says it all buddy

    At that point u we’re making us scrape mercs from open cause u wanted that win so bad and hey u got it but snakewater said it all

    I dont get how me allowing takeyon and inc to merc is scraping mercs from open? are you not happy we allowed them??

    how is it our problem if you dont check that they arent free?? and expect us to just give you whoever 2 hours before the official

    Actually takeyon bailed on me and I let u know 5 hours before u knew you could take advantage so u went and did it but denying 12 mercs lmao nice

    Snake says it all buddy

    I’m done with convo GG enjoy the points

    lol enjoy being butthurt. GG hopefully you can actually organize more than 3 players for your next game. I guess allowing 2 mercs straight away isnt being fair. guess i learnt something today. this game obviously meant a lot to you im really sorry :(

    sorry admins for this useless chat i couldnt help myself responding to this as it seemed unjust.

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