Season 16: Intermediate

#9: The Oceanic Six vs Salt Free Gaming.

Match Comms
Administrator, Retired League Director

ozfortress seasonal league 16 Intermediate Bracket Bronze Match

Map selection will be done in the game server chat prior to the game starting.

  1. The higher seeded or home team will either choose to ban first or defer.
  2. The first team (determined by the result of step one) will ban a map.
  3. The second team will ban a map.
  4. The first team will select a map from the remaining pool.
  5. The second team will select a map from the remaining pool.
  6. The first team will select the tiebreaker map from the remaining maps.

Have messaged stitch to start sorting. Keen to get this organised asap :)
Tonight would probably suit us (im 90% sure we will have core), otherwise if you want to suggests some days early in the week I can see if we are free.

Plan was to play tonight at 8 but The Oceanic Six can no longer make it, we cant do Tues or Wed due to exams. Waiting for stich to let me know about Thurs at 9pm.

They cant make Thurs, hoping tomorrow might be good.

Waiting for a response from Johnny/stich about possibility of playing tonight.

3:02 PM - 4.5 outa elder scrolls online: Just wondering if you guys can make it tonight? shall messager my players now but we should be able to make it
5:45 PM - Stitch!: I don't think so aye might just needa do Thursday @ 9

Looks like 9pm on thurs is the go.

Can i just make johnny the mvp for organising a match with 3 cores present?

5-0 reckoner
5-0 granary
Both to saltfree.

Thanks for the game.