Season 24: Intermediate

#1: Salt Free Gaming. vs HentaiHaven Hunters

Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Match Comms

when suits for this week lads?

Sunday 7 ?

will try but most likely too early

8 is fine 2

we would just love sunday xd

i think sunday is unlikely at this stage, what other days work for you guys?

Uhh il have to check it there is still a Chance for tonight that would work cool Il get back to u soon



confirmed, ggwp!

After looking through the demos it is clear that HentaiHaven Hunters using 2 pyros on last would have stopped Salt Free Gaming from winning another round. Another round has been awarded to Salt Free Gaming in this situation. As a reminder teams must warn the opposing team when an unpause is about to occur so that both teams are aware. The Uber build bug still exists so make sure that Medics are not healing during the pause.

Scores are 5-2 Gullwash to Salt Free Gaming
3-4 Snakewater to HentaiHaven Hunters