Season 22: Open

#2: Consent is Important vs :b:

Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Sunday, Thursday
Match Comms

Thursday 6pm?

Mate can you respond??? I need to confirm :/

I can do 7pm thurs but not 6


Scrim Sunday?

Administrator, Retired League Director

A strong reminder that POV demos must be recorded for all ozfortress matches as per Rule 4.2. All players must be able to provide a POV demo within 24 hours from any match if requested by an administrator. If you are unable to provide POV demos for a match you will face a 2 round exclusion.

The built in demo recording feature can be configured in the advanced options menu. To automatically record your gameplay, have the Recording Mode set to 'Auto-Record All Matches'.

Both teams had mercs.

We had Alibastor

They had Ravu4