Season 16: Open

#4: Centrelink eSports vs KhairuL's Legacy Reborn

Match Comms

cLink Liam: when did u guys wanna play the offiical 6s tf2 ozfortress game?
qᴉllᴉouɐᴉɹǝboy: wednesday
cLink Liam: aight time?
qᴉllᴉouɐᴉɹǝboy: 8pm
cLink Liam: k

connect; password labrys; rcon_password quickconceiving
the server deeds and they no showed game was organised at 8 then moved to 8:30 then waited to 8:45 and they no showed

Administrator, Retired League Director

KhairuL's Legacy Reborn did not show. Forfeit win to Centrelink eSports.