Season 16: Intermediate

#4: Intoxicated vs Ninja Robot Dong Sharks

Match Comms

added xander to organise

organised for 8 30 sunday

gonna need med merc, getting azer

5:52 PM - skaz: probs need a med merc, is azer ok?
5:52 PM - father kritzmarse is now Online.
5:56 PM - father kritzmarse: yep azer is fine
5:56 PM - skaz: cool

wont need merc

9:13 PM - skaz_itxD: is mio an scout merc?
9:13 PM - skaz_itxD: *an ok
9:13 PM - father kritzmarse: 2 sec
9:14 PM - father kritzmarse: yeah mio is ok

needed scout merc mid game

intoxicated win snakewater 4-2

intoxicated win product 4-1


gg fam

gg yet again we have messed up the scores (its hype's fault blame it on him)

Administrator, Retired League Director

It's literally as easy as rcon exec ozfortress_6v6_koth!

Posted it in Discord this week as a reminder.....

Fixing scores to 3-1

all good thanks 4 ur hard work OBLA

Thank you for tolerating us