Season 21: Open

#6: Oxygen Thieves vs Dignity Insurance

Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Wednesday
Match Comms

Looking at a Wednesday Night 8:30pm, will get back to you.

Can't we do tonight?

Sorry the weekend was rough.
How does tomorrow night 8pm, 8:30pm or 9pm sound ?

Administrator, Retired League Director

Friendly reminder that this is the last week for transfers this season. Get them in before Thursday 11:59 PM Sydney time THIS WEEK.

What day works for you @badlet ? My team is okay with anything past 8:30pm Sydney time.

we can do this Wednesday. As early as possible would be great

nixon: are you willing to let us merc a med?
badlet: yeah we're mercing a solly
nixon: who are you mercing may i ask?
badlet: mosebby
badlet: you?
nixon: not sure yet
nixon: mio is grabbing a merc
nixon: ill tell you when i can
badlet: ok cool
nixon: yeah we confirm the merc

other team is mercing mosebby
we are mercing thermite

(confirmation post)

gg, thanks for the game guys, unfortunate about the roster issues : (